Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthdays and news

It has been a busy weeks in our house ( well a few weeks to be honest) with all the preparations for Abby's First Birthday Party. It was a smashing success, and all the hard work paid off, although I am now thoroughly exhausted. The theme was Abby in One-derland, and I think she had alot of fun. We used our Church's Gathering room because frankly our apartment is not large enough by any meas for all of our family, and I think it was a perfect fit. There was plenty of room for people to spread out and talk and for the kids to run around so everyone was happy.

I had a THIRD, yes third interview with a company and I am hoping that I get this job, it is with another not for profit organization and would be a perfect fit, so our fingers are crossed.

Donnie is still applying for Jobs while he waits to take hist CNA test in February, Hopefully after that it will be a much easier task.

We are thinking about Day care options for Abby, even if Donnie works some nights he will need a few hours in the day to get some shut eye so we are contemplating a half day option for her, plus being around some other kids will be good for her :).

And we al so have some very big and exciting news to share...Abby is going to be a big Sister in August, while it was a complete surprise we are overjoyed, and looking forward to being a family of four...well 5 if you count the dudster, who is adjusting to life with a toddler very patiently :)

That is all from our house for now, I will try and post pictures after the peanut is in bed.

Christie, Donnie, Abby and Baby bean

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