Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shameless Plug...

We entered Abby in Chicago's most huggable baby contest. The voting begins May 13th, I will post a link so that you can help us win :)!!

You have to register to vote but they will not sell your email and there is no advertisments to plow through.

Please help us win, the grand Prize is $1000. There is also a free subscription to which is an amazing resource for daycare and sitter needs.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ahhh Monday...

Good Morning!! We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ours was busy but full of good times with Family and Friends. Cheryl came in and we got to spend some time with her on Saturday and Abby got some one on one time with her as well, Che just loves her Aunt Cheryl. On Sunday we celebrated My Dad's Birthday, it was nice to see everyone and we were thoroughly exhausted when it was time to go home. All in all it was a great weekend, which went by far too fast. There are some pictures below...

Abby and her Cousin Maddie

Cheryl with Abby

Trying out her High Chair

All bundled up in April

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Happy friday everyone!
We are looking forward to a beautiful weekend. It is finally going to be warm for more than one day, and I may actually be out of the office to enjoy it!
Cheryl is also coming in on a suprise last minute trip and we are hoping to get to spend a little time with her.

Life is good in our house. Abby is discovering new things every day and she is getting more and more alert, we also are getting the beginnings of a giggle out of her, I can't wait till it turns into a full blown laugh.

Work is going great for me, really busy but good. It is tough being away from Abby and Donnie all day but it is made easier by the fact that I truly enjoy my job and what I do every day.

Donnie is still looking, he has gotten one bite and we are hoping that it will come through becasue it would be a great opportunity. The Appeal got pushed back to May 6th which stinks but I am hoping that everything will work out and we will start getting some unemployment benefits and maybe start having a little money for extras again.

Other than that things are just going along, life is happening and we are along for the ride. I have begun to put more and more of my faith in God and that the path he is leading us down is the right one and that we are going this way for a reason. They always say when he closes one door he opens a window; hopefully that window will get opened soon.
We are lucky to have such a wonderful supportive family to get through this time. It really helps to know that there are people out there praying for us and backing us every step of the way.

On top of that and speaking of prayer. At the top of our blog there is an icon to pray for a little boy named Stellan. I have been, with about a million other people, following his story the last few weeks and things are not going well. He is very sick and the options that he has for care are becoming limited due to him only being 5 months old. So please say a little prayer for his family as well that they will find the strength to get through this and for little Stellan that his amazing medical team in Boston will be able to help him and get him home to his Dad and Brothers and Sister.

That is all for now, I will try and take some pictures this weekend of Abby's first trip to the park and our visit with Cheryl.

Love to everyone,
Christie, Donnie and Abby

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

As Promised...

Happy 3 months Abby!!
Here are the pictures from when Donnie Dressed Abby...they are pretty funny!!
And she also discovered how her rattle works yesterday. We can't get it away from her now :)!

Hello!?! Why are you taking a picture...

and what is this thing here in my hand??

Monday, April 20, 2009

Abby's 3 month Pictures

Good Morning and Happy Monday!!
We got Abby's 3 month Pictures done this weekend and they came out Adorable (well at least we think so)! I took these off of the site and saved them on my computer so I am not sure if they will come out well on here. Grandmas and Grandpa's we ordered extra's for you to pick from they will be here May 1st.
Enjoy and have a wonderful week!!
P.S. I also have some funny pictures of when her Daddy dressed her last week that I will try and remember to put up this week :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Not too much going on here, but we wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and we hope you enjoy the wonderful weekend.

Lots of Love,
Christie, Donnie and Abby

Monday, April 6, 2009

Snowy Monday!

It feels like winter will never end. I am so tired of the snow but it is a short week and Easter is this weekend Yea! With that being said we took a few Easter pictures of Abby this weekend, Enjoy!!

Our Little Bunny

She found out that Babies dont get Easter Candy

What She thinks of Snow in April...BOO!

Have a Good Monday Everyone!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Abby's Birthday Slideshow

So I realized not alot of people had seen these...Enjoy!!

Good Morning!

So it's Thursday, and it has been a pretty uneventful week in our house, which to be honest is a nice change. Abby has been sleeping through the night, however she still likes to stay up till mdnight or so. Hopefully she will begin to go to bed earlier but at this point we can't complain that she is sleeping 8 hours or more most nights albeit late.

Work for me has been pretty hectic but I really enjoy what I do so it makes the time go fast, and getting home to Abby and Donnie comes even faster. I look at it this way, the more stuff that they put on my desk the more they need me, and job security in this economy is priceless. It is a good feeling going home everyday knowing that I will be back tommorow.

Donnie's appeal for the unemployment benefits is in a week and a half and we are keeping our fingers crossed. While he is out looking for a job everyday, his efforts have proved fruitless. Everyone is taking applications but very few are hiring. It has to be discouraging but he keeps plugging away and trying and hopefully something will come up soon.

If the benefits do come through however he is going back to school, and in the long run that will be the best thing. So while I want him to be able to find work and for us not to have to rely on the unemployment a small part of me is hoping the appeal will go through and he can finish his education.

This is kind of a boring post today, but it is what is happening with us. I think we are going to enjoy a quiet weekend this week in preparation for a busy Easter week next week. I can say I am truly looking forward to 3 whole days with Abby and Donnie though. The 2 day weekend goes way too fast.

ok, back to work!!

Love to everyone!!