Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Morning!

So it's Thursday, and it has been a pretty uneventful week in our house, which to be honest is a nice change. Abby has been sleeping through the night, however she still likes to stay up till mdnight or so. Hopefully she will begin to go to bed earlier but at this point we can't complain that she is sleeping 8 hours or more most nights albeit late.

Work for me has been pretty hectic but I really enjoy what I do so it makes the time go fast, and getting home to Abby and Donnie comes even faster. I look at it this way, the more stuff that they put on my desk the more they need me, and job security in this economy is priceless. It is a good feeling going home everyday knowing that I will be back tommorow.

Donnie's appeal for the unemployment benefits is in a week and a half and we are keeping our fingers crossed. While he is out looking for a job everyday, his efforts have proved fruitless. Everyone is taking applications but very few are hiring. It has to be discouraging but he keeps plugging away and trying and hopefully something will come up soon.

If the benefits do come through however he is going back to school, and in the long run that will be the best thing. So while I want him to be able to find work and for us not to have to rely on the unemployment a small part of me is hoping the appeal will go through and he can finish his education.

This is kind of a boring post today, but it is what is happening with us. I think we are going to enjoy a quiet weekend this week in preparation for a busy Easter week next week. I can say I am truly looking forward to 3 whole days with Abby and Donnie though. The 2 day weekend goes way too fast.

ok, back to work!!

Love to everyone!!

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