Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An update of sorts

The last few weeks have been busy, hectic, emotional, filled with joy, and family, and sometimes downright frustrating.

I finished out the Year at Boy Scouts and am now part of the unemployed population, hopefully not for long, as I will have an in person interview with a company in the next few weeks, I also have been in contact with a recruiter and am hoping to use that as a Plan B if this other job does not work out ( although I am really hoping it does as it would be a perfect fit).

Donnie finished his CNA Class and is currently waiting to take the test, he is still on the job hunt and is hoping something will come up very soon, even if it is short term until her gets the results from his test back.

Abby is growing like a weed, has started the beginnings of Dada, and is amazing us everyday as she learns something new. She is working on standing, although she is strong enough to do it and has done it several times she is having a courage gap, and only will stand when she doesn't realize she is doing it.

Other than that we are just trucking along and hoping that 2010 will bring new opportunities, jobs and adventures for us.

We are heading to California for a few days and are really looking forward to the warmer weather and spending some quality time with family, and getting a much needed break from the past few months.
Abby will also be taking her very first plane ride and I will post how that goes when we get back, also what worked for us, what didn't and what traveling with an almost one year old is really like.

we hope everyone had a joyous Holiday season and that 2010 is a year of promise and hope for your family.

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Mommyof2girlz said...

Have a wonderful plane ride, it really is beautiful out her in Cali. Not sure what part your visiting but here in SoCal it's been in the 70's and gorgeous! Stopping in to welcome you to SITS, it's nice to meet you!