Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This will not be a long post but I wanted to share my feelings on this.

A blog I have been following about a baby who was to be born despite her having a poor prenatal prognosis is all a fake. The person behind it needs our prayers more than ever but at the same time I cannot bring myself to pray for someone who would use someone elses pain (the blog was all based on her friends story who lost a baby to Trisomy 13 last year) to create a money train for themselves.
I am sickened, disgusted and above all saddened.

Saddened that I fell for it, saddened that this persons life is so empty that she took hundreds of thousands of peoples emotions on a roller coaster ride for some extra money and saddened that there really are people out there who will use whatever they can to get attention. I am glad that I did not give monetarily but I know that many did and that makes me sad for them. That their hard earned money that they thought was going for good is being used to supplemement someones selfish needs.

I am in a strange place with this. I feel bad that if I see a blog about a sick baby in the future I will think twice before getting involved, I will think twice before I pray for someone who may really need it.

I have really been trying to change myself and find the good in any situation and in this case I cannot, in this case I am mad.

That is all I need to say about it right now but I needed to vent and where better than in an outlet such as this.

I know it may be hard but keep this family in your prayers because for someone to do something so sad and wrong there must really be something wrong in their lives.

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