Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Abby is on the move...and we are baby proofing :)

That's right Abby has learned to army crawl not to mention the rolling across the room that she has started. SO this weekend along with celebrating Donnie's 25th Birthday, we will be babyproofing. Anything that can be taken off the floor will, our movie shelves will be getting moved up or taken out of little chubby hands reach and Dudley's toys will be getting a reprieve until she goes to bed ( they are so much better than her toys apparently).

Other than that things are good, other than the post I made yesterday which I am still saddened over. A few of the bloggers we regularly follow have made some good posts on it you can go here: MckMamma or here: April Rose Questions if you are interested in it.

Below are some pictures of Abby!!

Her new favorite place to nap (our bed)

A timeline in pictures of her attempted escape from her toy...
Playing nicely

Look what I can do...

almost there...

oops you caught me...ok I'll smile

and try to crawl to you!

ok too much work I'll just look cute

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