Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our little Abba Dabba

A daughter is the happy moments of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future~ Author unknown

Our little girl so beautiful and bright, you are such a wonder to watch. You're days are full of curiousity and learning and it is such a gift to see you change into a little person.

Abby has been quite busy in the last month, she has learned how to climb onto the couches, has taken a few steps and seems to be creating a language that only she, and sometimes us understands (well at least we think we do).

It is so strange to me that a little over a year ago she was so tiny and fragile, and to look at her today is such a difference, she loves to rough house with her daddy and climb all over dudley, who tends to escape to the other side of the gate where she can't get him. She is defiant at times and full of curiousity at others. So interested in the world around her, and what everyone is doing. She looks for her toys when she loses them, and loves to DANCE! She has a fascination and somewhat obsession with shoes ( much like her momma).

Having a toddler is a new experience and we are learning right along with her, just when we thought we had baby proofed we had to do it again, and yet she still finds things she shouldn't have and ways to get into things.

While I miss the days when she was a little newborn who curled into my chest at 3 am, and went to sleep, I love this stage, exhausting yes, but truly a different experience everyday.

I am still waiting to hear mama but I am just as happy to see her face light up when I go to get her in the morning and she has to show me every stuffed animal in her crib before I can take her out, along with playing peek a boo with her blanket, and I love coming home at night and hearing her squeal when she realizes mommy is home.

I love to watch Donnie and her play together and how she giggles when he blows raspberries on her cheek and his beard tickles her, or how gentle he is with her when she bumped her head, or isn't feeling well and she just melts into his arms when she is tired at times.

All in all this month has been a great one, I got a great job, told them about my pregnancy and was congratulated and reassured that it was a great thing and they were happy for us. Donnie took his CNA test and is waiting for the results (although he is sure he did great), and is on the hunt for a job.

So far 2010 seems to be a great year (yes I realize it is only February, and I am knocking on wood that it will continue that way)!

Hope yours has been off to a wonderful start as well!!

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