Friday, February 26, 2010


My Heart that is...

I laid our sweet girl down to bed tonight and watched as she snuggled into her blankets. Watched as she smiled up at me with her big blue eyes right before they got heavy and she went to sleep, and I wanted to stand there for hours, to take in the sound of her soft breath, the smell of her soft skin and curly hair.

There is a family doing the same thing tonight, but they are waiting for the end. They watch their daughters breaths as it may be her last, and smell her sweet warm skin and watch her peacefully sleep as they wait for peace for her poor sick little body.

I, along with many others have been praying for a miracle for this little girl, for her parents for her 2 sisters who are still so young yet old enough to understand what is happening.

No Parent should have to bury their child, it just isn't how the world should work, and while I know that God has a greater purpose for this sweet girl, I cannot imagine how they are getting through this.

I cannot even begin to imagine what our life without Abby would look like, for 21 years it was just me, and my family, for 6 years it was just me and Donnie and our families, and for the last year it has turned from an us to a we when we added Abby to our lives, and now another blessing is on the way. As I think about the last year, I am amazed what an impact 1 year VS. 27 has made.

So tonight I am no longer praying for a miracle for this little angel but rather for peace, for peace from her pain, for peace for her parents, and peace for her family as they walk this awful and terrible road. Would you pray with me? would you help Layla Grace by praying her transition to a healed place with no more needles, or chemo, or sickness is a smooth one? Would you pray that her parents broken hearts will mend with time, and that the sweet memories they have of their daughter are the ones they carry with them?

My heart is heavy tonight, heavy with joy for my own beautiful Angels and heavy with grief that a family is about to lose theirs.

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