Monday, July 27, 2009

6 Months and Pierogis

Good morning,
Before I start my post I want to ask you to please pray for Stellan. He is very very sick again and the poor little guy just can't seem to stay SVT Free he is fighting but it is not looking good and he needs our prayers more than ever right now.

OK...We got Abby's 6 month pictures done this weekend and they came out so much better than we could have hoped. She was really cooperative, smiley and happy the entire time.

After her pictures we decided to make a trek down to Pierogi fest in IN. Never in my life have I seen so many types of Pierogis, it was awesome and something different that we have never done before. We took Abby's picture with Mr. Piergoi but being that it is Monday and My brain still thinks it is the weekend I forgot the Camera to put the pictures up.
I will try and remember it tomorrow.

We also met up with one of my Sorority Sisters, Amanda, She got to meet Abby and it was fun to see her again seeing as it has been a few years.

Well that was our eventful weekend, We are heading up to FonDuLac this weekend to catch a glimpse of the EAA airshow, then we will be heading back Early Sunday morning for the Pepin Family Picnic/Reunion. The forecast for the weekend looks beautiful but we will see if it stays that way :)!

Have a good Monday Everyone.


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