Monday, May 11, 2009

My First Mothers Day...

It was a wonderful weekend...with the exception that I didn't get to see my mom who was not feeling well and decided that rather than risk uas all getting sick we would celebrate Our Mom's day on a special day all of our own.
So while I was bummed I am looking forward to that day.
Like I said other than that it was a wonderful weekend, Donnie and Abby (with the help of her Daddy) surprised me with Breakfast in bed on Saturday followed by a trip to Long Grove. We walked around the town and went to a bunch of the stores there. Then we cooked out for dinner and watched movies when Abby went to bed. It was a nice relaxing day and I love Long Grove so it was really nice to show Donnie the town and spend time with him and Abby there.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning and then Donnie's Parents house in the afternoon and celebrated with them. Donnie's Dad made some yummy Brisket with all of the sides and we visited and just enjoyed the weather.
In other news...WE WON THE APPEAL!!! So we will be receiving back pay for the last 3 months and a biweekly benefit. We do have to go through another appeal on the 21st because Donnies Company is appealing his willingness and availability to work from 2-15 to 2-28 (even though they let him go on 2-2). We are confident that the decision that was made in our favor will be upheld seeing as how we have all the paperwork showing he was actively searching for a job, while still attempting to get back on with the old Company. We both feel it is just a way for them to draw this process out further even though we already won.

Other than that things are going pretty well now and it was a wonderful weekend. We took a few pictures that I will post below.

Have a great day!!

Part of Long Grove

All Smiles for Mommy

and then she took a nap

A few of the shops

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