Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Friday...

Good Morning and happy Friday to everyone!! We have a fun exciting weekend planned and I am soo looking forward to it. My Dad and Mom DeMarco are in town from Tennesee and they haven't seen Abby since she was about 2 weeks old, it will be neat for them to see all the changes she has made over that last 13 weeks. We are also attending AnLi's first communion which is a huge event in a young persons life and I am so glad we get to be there to support her, with the rest of the family.

As for at home, we are plugging along, Abby is now consistently sleeping through the night and on a pretty regular nap schedule, which is nice for us. She is starting to teeth though, and usually wakes up with a huge drool spot on her sheet every morning, which means we get to change her sheets just about every day. Boy am I glad we bought extras before she was born.

Donnie is still looking for a job and the appeal for the unemployment benefits is next Wednesday, so please keep your fingers crossed for us and we are keeping it in prayer. It is out of our hands at this point and we are hoping we get a fair judgement, seeing as he kinda got screwed in the first place.

Work is going well for me, we are gearing up for our busy season so I have had my hands full. I have been here for a year now and there are still things that I learn everyday. I truly enjoy my job though and I am glad that I can finally say that. I went through so many types and kinds of jobs, I am glad to finally have a place that feels like home.

Other than that we are continuing to grow in our faith, this journey that God has sent us on has really been testing us, but it is also showing us what a wonderful supportive community of family and friends we have surrounding us. I can only hope that one day we will have the opportunity to pay it forward like so many have done for us.

We have found a wonderful source of comfort in the Compline prayer excercise that Aimee ( our priest) has suggested to us. It is a nightly prayer excercise that Donnie and I have been doing. It gives us a chance (once Abby is in bed) to round out the day and center ourselves before bed. It helps me pass some of the burden I feel over to God and it helps me rest easier. It is taking Donnie a little longer to be comfortable with it, but he is coming around.

I think part of God's plan in all of this was to bring us closer to him. When I was younger I looked at church as something I had to do, as an adult with a child of my own, I now look forward to church on Sunday morning, I think of it as a way to have a conversation with God and to help give the weeks joys, trials, and over all complicated journey over to him. I find it as a time for quiet reflection, reflection on how I can do better for myself, for my marriage and for my daughter. I hope that one day Abby finds her own place with God, and of course Donnie and I will certainly help her but overall I think it has to be something that you come to in your own time, much like we have.

Ok enough babbling, off to work I go, the sooner the day gets started the closer I am to starting the weekend :).

Love you all,

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