Thursday, September 10, 2009

Army Crawling and Cheerios

We got a few videos of Abby over the last few days and I thought I would share them, there are also 2 new pictures at the bottom that are pretty adorable :)...Enjoy!
Christie, Donnie, and Abby

P.S. None of the videos have any real interesting Sound to them, unless you want to hear Donnie Saying weee! over and over again in the last one :)

Apparently the Cell Phone has magical Powers that make Babies want to army crawl all of a sudden, Dudley also has this power as does the Directv remote

Abby has Discovered her love for Cheerios, along with the ability to stuff as many as humanly possible into her mouth at one time

Grandma and Grandpa Harris put a Swing up in the tree for Abby (and any Future Grandkids)...Abby had a blast!

Abby Enjoying her time on the Swing

All ready for winter...

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